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Education in Africa

  • In the context of the objectives of this project, the practices of education are viewed in accordance with the notion of "internationalizing business education" in the United States.
  • Internalizing business education is cognizant of the fact that businesses and citizens are more interlinked globally than ever before.
  • International business educationists note that our move toward a world without borders continues to progress at an astounding rate.
  • These educationists further note that the world is involved in a fiercely competitive business environment where customers' expectations are barely met by manufacturing capabilities, and suggests an immediate future where today's excellence will be a minimal requirement to stay in the game.
  • In reference to Africa there is, first, the need for the student of international business to have basic knowledge of the physical and social environment of the continent of Africa.
  • Second, there is the need for the utilization of the political and economic climate that enhances effective engagement in business with Africa.
  • Third, there is the need to appreciate the importance and effectiveness of internationalized education in coping with the challenging demands of the global marketplace in Africa.
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