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P-Cap Instructions for Mac Users

These basic instructions walk you through using P-Cap on your Mac. If you'd like to request training or best practices tips/tricks, please contact the ATC at

  1. Run Echo360 Personal Capture software from your Applications folder.
  2. From the welcome spash screen, select Start Recording.
  3. From the control panel, select your microphone source (built-in or external mic), your screen source (if you have a dual-monitor setup, your 2nd monitor will show up as a source when you click Configure), and whether or not you want your webcam to also be captured.
  4. Test to make sure your microphone is detected by speaking into it and watching the volume meter on the left.
  5. Run PowerPoint, or whatever computer application you would like recorded. If you are capturing PowerPoint, view your presentation in full-screen, slideshow mode.
  6. When you have your presentation ready and have established your recording settings, click Start Recording.
  7. A countdown timer will be displayed and then you will see Echo minimize to the system tray.
  8. When you are ready to stop the recording, click the timer in the system tray and select Stop Recording
  9. When your recording is finished, you will be brought to a playback window where you can preview and edit in/out points for your recording. Use the scrubber bar to make your changes. The scissors, when clicked, will delete highlighted portions on the timeline.
  10. When you are ready to publish your recording and any edits to your course myWPI site, click Publish Recording.
  11. When promoted, log in to the Echo360 server using your WPI Windows username and password. Do not include the “” at the end of your username.
  12. On the next screen, select the appropriate course from the list and click Next.
  13. Select Create New Echo and enter in a presentation date/time, if desired. Click Next to continue.
  14. On the next screen, enter in a title for your capture. This will be what students see in myWPI or in the RSS feed for your course.
  15. Click Publish to send the recording to the Echo360 server, which will then process it to myWPI and/or your RSS feed.


It may take up to an hour for the capture to appear in your myWPI site or RSS feed because it must first upload from your computer’s internet connection to our Echo360 media server, and then publish from there to myWPI.

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