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P-Cap Instructions for PC Users

These basic instructions walk you through using P-Cap on your Windows computer. If you'd like to request training or best practices tips/tricks, please contact the ATC at

  1. Run Echo360 Personal Capture software from your Start Menu.
  2. From the welcome screen, select your microphone source (built-in or external mic), your screen source (if you have a dual-monitor setup, your 2nd monitor will show up as a source), and whether or not you want your webcam to also be captured.
  3. Test to make sure your microphone is detected by speaking into it and watching the volume meter above the image preview.
  4. From the welcome splash screen, select Login. You will be asked to log in with your WPI credentials. Do not include the “” at the end of your username.

  5. Run PowerPoint, or whatever computer application you would like recorded. If you are capturing PowerPoint, view your presentation in full-screen, slideshow mode.
  6. When you have your presentation ready and have established your recording settings, click Record.
  7. You will be asked to fill out information on the recording:
    • A title for the recording
    • The myWPI course site that the recording is for
    • The format of the recording
  8. A countdown timer will be displayed and then you will see Echo minimize to the taskbar.
  9. When you are ready to stop the recording, click the icon in the taskbar to restore the window and select Stop.
  10. If your recording does not require any editing, select the checkmark box highlighted below to publish the recording.
  11. If your recording needs to be edited before publishing, click on the pencil icon highlighted below.
  12. From the editing window, use the highlighted timeline handles to select portions of the recording that you want to remove, and select Make cut to remove that section. You can remove all edits with the Clear cuts button.
  13. When finished editing the recording, select the Apply edits button.
  14. If your recording has been edited to your liking, select the select the checkmark box to publish the recording.
  15. You will be asked to confirm the details of the recording.
  16. Click Publish to send the recording to the Echo360 server, which will then process it to myWPI and/or your RSS feed. You can cancel the publishing with the Cancel button.


It may take up to an hour for the capture to appear in your myWPI site or RSS feed because it must first upload from your computer’s internet connection to our Echo360 media server, and then publish from there to myWPI.

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