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Scheduling Meetings from myWPI

  1. Access your myWPI course site.
  2. Adobe Connect is found within Course/Organization tools. Instructors and course administrators can find the available tools within the default course menu, or within Control Panel > Course Tools.


Not seeing Adobe Connect in the list of tools? Verify the tool is checked off as being available in the site by navigating to Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability.

  1. On the Adobe Connect Meetings page, you will see a list of the available meetings within your course site. Click New Meeting to create a new meeting.

  2. From the Configure Adobe Connect Meeting page, enter in your meeting details.


Note that Adobe Connect meetings are persistent; even though you are required to put in a meeting date and time, the meeting can be reused. Likewise, the meeting duration information has no impact on your meeting. If you run over, the system will not automatically expire your meeting.

  1. Select your meeting participants (who should have access to the meeting from your myWPI site) by moving your list of course members to the box on the right. Use the Set Role option to change their level of access to the meeting.

  2. Click Submit to schedule your meeting. If you plan to only use computer audio (VOIP) for your meeting, then you are done! If you would also like to enable telephone audio (to allow your partipants to connect to your meeting with a telephone), proceed to Step 7.
  3. To enable telephone audio for your meeting, click the action link next to your meeting and select Edit.

  4. This will open up a new browser tab/window in WPI's Adobe Connect portal.
  5. Under the Audio Conference Settings section, select the section radio button: Include this audio conference with this meeting:

  6. Click Save and close out of the Adobe Connect portal. Though it will not be indicated in myWPI, the meeting is now set up to allow both computer and telephony audio connections.


To view meeting reports and meeting recordings in myWPI, click the action link next to your meeting and select View Information.