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Camtasia Recorder 7 Guide

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Text Walkthrough

Part 1: When to Use Camtasia and Preparation

You can use Camtasia Recorder to capture video and audio files from your webcam, computer screen, and microphone. This is particularly useful for creating things like instructional videos, narrated presentations, or personal projects.

The only equipment you will need is some sort of microphone or headset that you can record your voice through. A laptop will typically have a microphone built-in, but if you don't use a laptop, any microphone or headset will do.

Part 2: Setting up a Recording

First, open "Camtasia Recorder" from the start menu.

Next, select the area for screen capture. For full screen capture, select "Full Screen." You'll see a green border around your entire screen, and any action anywhere on your computer will be recorded..

If you select "Custom", you'll be presented with a smaller green border that surrounds a bright area. This is the area that will be captured and put into the video. You can resize the frame by clicking and dragging the white boxes on the edge of the frame. Clicking on the side of the "Custom" button allows you to select an area of a certain size, or lock the frame to another program that you are currently running. Select the program to lock by placing the center of the frame over the program.

Next, make sure "Audio" is turned "On" by clicking on it. Try speaking into your microphone; you should hear your voice through your speakers, and the volume bar should indicate sound. If you don't see or hear these indicators, click on the arrow on the side of the audio button and make sure to select the microphone or headset that you plan on using.

Part 3: Recording

When you're ready, hit the red "Record" button. After this countdown timer finishes, the area you selected will be recorded, as well as any audio that you speak into the microphone.

Every action onscreen and every word you say will be recorded. By pressing the "Pause" button, you can temporarily stop recording and return to it later. The "Delete" button will instantly end and discard the recording, returning you to the Recording window.

Part 4: Previewing and Saving a Recording

Once you are finished recording, hit the F10 key on your keyboard, or click on the "Stop" button on the control panel. This will end the recording.

The preview window will appear and your recording will instantly begin to play. If you're happy with the recording, select the "Save and Edit" button to move on to the editing process. If you want to start again, select "Delete" to remove the recording, and simply repeat the process.

Video Walkthrough

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