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Photoshop Elements Most Commonly Used Tools and Tasks

Tool Icon Name Tool Function
Move Used for moving the contents of selections or layers
Zoom Used to change the image's magnification
Hand Used to move the view of an image
Eyedropper Used for finding color values, and for choosing colors
Rectangular Marquee Used for selecting rectangular and elliptical areas
Magnetic Lasso Used for selecting areas with a clearly defined edge
Magic Wand Used for selecting all pixels that are the same color as the one you click on
Selection Brush Used for painting inside a selected area
Text Type Used for adding text to images
Crop Used for cropping images
Cookie Cutter Used to cut a layer into a shape, ideally for superimposing shape against a background
Red Eye Removal Used to remove the red in eyes often caused by flashes
Healing Brush Used to fix blemishes and imperfections
Clone Stamp Used for painting with copied image data
Pencil Used for drawing hard edged lines
Eraser Used for removing portions of an image
Brush Used for painting
Paint Bucket Used for adding and changing fill color
Gradient Used adding and editing gradient color blends
Custom Shape Used for creating custom shape objects
Blur Used to apply blurring with a brush
Sponge Used to change an image’s color saturation


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