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Working With Folders in myWPI


Items and Folders are the "containers" for your content. Items typically contain text notes and/or file attachments, and Folders are used to organize Items and other content. Folders are similar to folders in your computer operating system in the sense that they contain and organize content, but work much differently in myWPI.


Adding a Folder

  1. Click Edit Mode in the top right of your screen to access your site in Edit Mode.
  2. Navigate to the Content Area where you want to place a folder.
  3. Select the Build Content dropdown menu and select Content Folder.
  4. The Create Content Folder page appears. It is identical to the item creation page, and has the same features and options:

Placing Materials into a Folder

Creating a New Item or Sub-Folder Inside a Folder

  1. Navigate to a folder much in the same way that you would navigate to a Content Area. You can click on a folder to view its contents.
  2. Once you have found the folder in which you wish to place content, simply add an item to your course site in that folder or add more folders for further organizational purposes.


If you are adding several items to a content area it is a good idea to organize them into folders. It is easier to create the folders before adding the content. Be careful not to have too many folders within folders, which buries content.

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