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Posting Grades to the Grade Center


The Grade Center is used for tracking student progress in a course. Students can see their individual grades within a course by accessing the My Grades tool.
Tests, surveys, and assignments created in Blackboard using the Assignment Manager or the Test and Survey Manager are reported to the Grade Center through a column automatically created by the tool. Other types of assignments and grades can be manually added to the Grade Center.


Accessing the Grade Center in myWPI

  1. From the Course Management area in your course site, click on the Grade Center Action Link in the Control Panel.
  2. The Full Grade Center view appears

Adding Grade Center Columns


If you have created (or plan to create) tests or surveys in myWPI, or create Assignments with the Assignment Manager, myWPI automatically creates a Grade Center column for these types of assessment. You do not need to create columns for content items created with these tools.

  1. From the Grade Center Full Grade Center View, click Create Column. The Create Grade Column page appears with four sections.

Section 1: Item Information

  1. Enter a name in the Column Name field.
  2. Enter a display name in the Grade Center Display Name field. The name entered in this field is the name that will display to students. This field is optional, if left blank the Column Name will be displayed to students in the Grade Center.
  3. Enter a Description.
  4. Select the type of grade (score, percentage, letter) from the Primary Display drop down menu. The Primary Display must be consistent with the method in which grades will be entered.
  5. Select an additional optional type of grade (score, percentage, letter) from the Secondary Display drop down menu.
  6. Select a Category from the drop down menu.
  7. Enter the maximum number of points that a student can earn on the item in the Points Possible field.
  8. Select a rubric to be used for grading by clicking the Add Rubric drop down menu.

Section 2: Dates

  1. If there is a specific due date for the item, click the radio button next to the Due Date field and select the appropriate date.


Setting a due date will alert students on the course home page as the due date for an item approaches.

Section 3: Options

  1. Click Yes or No in the Include this column in Grade Center calculations field, depending on whether or not the item's grade will be used in Grade Center calculations.
  2. Click Yes or No in the Show this column to Students field, depending on whether or not you want students to see their own grades for the item.
  3. Click Yes or No in the Show Statistics (average and median) for this column in My Grades  field, depending on whether or not you want students to see column statistics in My Grades.


Choosing to Show this column to Students makes the item available to students. This allows students in your course to see only their own personal grades. They cannot view the grades of other students in your course.

Section 4: Submit

  1. Click Submit to post the item in the Grade Center.

Entering Grades


The Grade Center feature in myWPI is provided as a convenience, and does not replace the official course grading process. Official grades must still be submitted to the registrar, and students can check their final course grades online from the Student Web Information System, which is separate from myWPI.

  1. Click on the appropriate cell in the Grade Center.
  2. Type the grade.
  3. Press Enter to post the grade and make it visible to your students.

Modifying Grade Center Columns

  1. Navigate to the column you would like to modify.
  2. Click on the Action Link.
  3. Choose Edit Column Information from the drop down menu.
  4. The Edit Column page appears.
  5. Make the desired changes.
  6. Click Submit when finished.

Re-ordering Grade Center Columns

  1. Click Manage in the Action Bar of the Grade Center.
  2. Select Column Organization from the Action Link menu.
  3. Select the Grade Center column you wish to move by clicking and holding any part of the row.
  4. Drag and Drop the row to the desired location.
  5. Click Submit to save changes.

Modifying and Adding Grading Schemas

This is used to add a new grade schema or modify an existing one.

  1. Click Manage in the Action Bar of the Grade Center.
  2. Select Grading Schema from the Action Link menu.
    • To add a new Grading Schema:
      1. Click the Create Grading Schema button.
      2. Enter a name for your Grading Schema in the Name field.
      3. Enter a Description for your Grading Schema in the Description field.
      4. Enter the Schema Mapping information.
  3. Tip

    By default, new grading schema have two percentile ranges ( 50% to 100% and 0% to less than 50%). You can modify these ranges as well as add additional rows to your schema. Additional rows can be added by clicking the Insert Row arrow.


    Modification of a Grading Schema affects all grades previously entered using that Schema. Following modification of a Grading Schema, all columns using that Grading Schema are automatically updated to reflect the changes.

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