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Creating Tests


Accessing the Test Manager in myWPI

  1. Go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Tests, Surveys, and Pools. Then click on Tests. The Test Manager page appears. This is where you can add, view, or modify tests.

Creating New Tests

  1. Click Edit Mode in the top right of your screen to access your site in Edit Mode.
  2. Click the Build Test button. The Test Info page appears with two sections.

Section 1: Test Info

  1. Enter a name for the test in the Name field.
  2. Enter a description for the test in the Description field.
  3. Enter instructions for the test in the Instructions field.

Section 2: Submit

  1. Click Submit to add the test to the Test Manager.

Adding Questions to your Test

  1. From the Test Manager, click Edit in the dropdown menu next to the test you want to add questions to.
  2. In the Create Question dropdown, select a question type. The Add Question page appears with many question types. The page appears differently for different question types.
  3. Complete each section of the Add Question page and click Submit to add the question.
  4. Repeat the process until you have added all the desired questions.

Removing Existing Tests


You may only remove tests that have not yet been made available to students in a Content area. Any tests that have been made available do not have the option to Remove.

  1. In the Test Manager, click Remove next to the test you want to delete.

Tests that have not yet been made available to students will have the Remove option

  1. Click OK to confirm the deletion.

Adding Tests to a Content Area

  1. Go to the Content Area where you want to add the test.
  2. Click the Test button in the Create Assessment dropdown.
  3. The Add Test page appears with two sections.

Section 1: Add Test

  1. Click Create a New test or select a test you previously created using the steps earlier in this document.

Section 2: Submit

  1. Click Submit to post the test to the Content Area you selected.


The test has been posted to the Content Area you selected, but it is not yet available to students. Continue reading for instructions how to make it available for student participants in your course.

You will now be brought to the Test Options screen, where you can set various options related to the test before it goes online.

Section 1: Test Information

  1. The Name and Description fields are populated with the information you entered when you created the test. Change this information, if needed.
  2. At Open Test in new window, select Yes or No depending on whether or not you want the test to open in a new window.

Section 2: Test Availability

  1. Click Yes at Make the link available if you are ready for students to take the test.
  2. Click Yes at Add a new announcement for this Test if you want an announcement to appear on the main  myWPI page for students and on your course homepage.
  3. If you will allow students multiple attempts for the test, click the checkbox for Multiple Attempts.
  4. If you want to force students to complete the test the first time they open it, click the checkbox for Force Completion.
  5. If you want to give students a time limit and record the time it takes them to take the test, click the checkbox for Set Timer and select the appropriate duration.
  6. Select the display availability. Use the Display After and Display Until checkboxes to set the start and end dates, then use the dropdown menus to set the date(s).
  7. Click the Password checkbox if you want to require that students use a password to access the test. Then, set the Password and inform your students what the password is so they can access the test.

Section 3: Due Date

  1. Any test submitted by a student after this optional Due Date will have their test marked "Late".

Section 4: Self-Assessment Options

  1. If you will be grading the test, click the checkbox for Include this test in Grade Center score calculations. If you are providing the test only so students can check their own understanding, click the checkbox for Hide the score of this test from the Grade Center.


Hiding the score of the test from the Grade Centers is a great way for you to provide self tests or practice quizzes for your students!

Section 5: Test Feedback

  1. Select your preferred types of feedback. These are items that the students will see.

Section 6: Test Presentation

  1. Select your preferred Presentation Mode.
  2. Click the checkbox for Randomize Questions if you prefer to have this as an option.

Section 6: Submit

  1. Click Submit to post the test and save your changes. Students will now be able to access and complete the test.

Creating Grade Center Entries for the Test

The Grade Center in myWPI automatically creates a column and inputs the scores as students take the test, as long as you selected Include this test in Grade Center score calculations in Section 4 of the Test Options page. See Posting Grades to the Online Grade Center for information on viewing the scores.

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