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Creating Wikis in Your Course


A wiki is a website where multiple individuals add and edit content collectively. Multiple related pages may be linked within the site.

Wikis can be used in teaching for:

Benefits of wikis for students include:

Creating a Wiki

  1. Click Edit Mode in the top right of your screen to access your site in Edit Mode.
  2. Select Course Tools > Wikis in the Control Panel
  3. Click on Create Wiki.
  4. The Create Wiki page appears.
  5. In the Wiki Information section, enter a name for the wiki in the Wiki Name field and enter a Description.
  6. If you want to make the wiki available to students, select Yes for Wiki Availability.
  7. Choose whether or not student users can edit the wiki.


The group option for selecting members only appears if groups have previously been defined within the course. See Creating Student Groups for details.

  1. If you want to restrict the time period for editing the wiki, select the appropriate options.


If you set a date range for when the students can edit the wiki, instructors, TAs, and course builders will also be unable to edit the wiki outside the date range.

  1. Choose whether or not the wiki will be graded. Add a rubric and change task status here if you plan to grade the wiki.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click OK to add the wiki to your course.
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