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Downloading Student Files from the Assignment Manager

Downloading files from the assignment manager requires that an assignment has been created. If you have not created your assignment yet, refer to the Creating Assignments with the Assignment Manager topic for instructions.

Downloading Multiple Assignment Files at Once

  1. To download files, go to the Control Panel > Assessment > Grade Center.

    In the column for the assignment, an exclamation point "!" appears for each student who has submitted the assignment. If a hyphen "-" appears, it means that the student has not yet submitted his or her assignment. Once a grade has been entered for an assignment, that grade appears.

  1. Click the Action Link next to the name of the assignment at the top of the column you wish to download. In this example, our assignment is called assignment1.


If you only want to view submitted assignment files and comments for an individual student, select the Action Link next to the exclamation point "!" in his or her row. Select Grade Details from the dropdown menu. The Grade Details page will appear providing you with options to view the students submission, modify the students grade, and send files or comments back to the student.

  1. Select Assignment File Download from the dropdown menu. A list appears with checkboxes for students that have turned in files, along with a timestamp of when the file was submitted.
  1. Select the students that you want to download files for. Use the Select All link to select all submitted files, Select Ungraded to select only files that have not been graded, or individual checkboxes if you want to download files for particular students.
  2. After you have made your selection, click the Submit button to complete the download request.
  3. A Download Assignments Now link appears. Use this link to download the assignments. The assignments you selected are downloaded together as a .zip file. "Right-click" to save the file to your computer.

Getting a Database Error?

If you are getting a database error instead of a download link, your assignment name may contain special characters that could be causing download problems. To remove the special characters, follow these instructions and then return to this page to attempt the download again.

  1. Unzip the file using WinZip or a similar program to see the assignment files, and extract the files to a location on your computer or network drive.


WinZip may already be installed on your computer. It is available on all campus lab and most PC's in the ADMIN domain. If you do not have WinZip, Windows XP also has a built-in feature to extract compressed files. Microsoft has some general information available about How to Zip or Unzip a file. Contact the CCC Helpdesk if you need further assistance using .zip files.

Each file will be prefaced by the assignment name and followed by the student's login name and the student's original filename, for example, the file Homework_1_train1_homework1.doc was submitted for Homework 1 by the student with the login name train1 and was originally called homework1.doc by the student. A text file also appears with each assignment file that contains a copy of the time stamp and any comments that the student submitted with the assignment. This feature allows you to quickly see which student has submitted which file(s) after downloading.

A sample assignment download viewed in WinZip


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