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Lightweight Chat: Creating and Joining Sessions


The Lightweight Chat tool allows course participants to interact with each other through a synchronous, text-based chat tool, powered by a Java plug-in.

Accessing the Chat Tool in myWPI

  1. Go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Collaboration. The Collaboration Sessions page appears.

Adding New Chat Rooms/Sessions

  1. Click the Collaboration Session button. The Add Collaboration Session page appears with four sections.

Section 1: Session Name

  1. Enter a name for the session in the Session Name field.

Section 2: Schedule Availability

  1. To make a session available for only a specific date(s), click the checkboxes for Start After and End After and then select the dates and times from the dropdown menus. If instead you want the session to be available for the duration of the course, click Yes for Available.

Section 3: Collaboration Tool

  1. At the Choose tool for this Session field, select Chat from the dropdown menu.

Section 4: Session Name

  1. Click Submit to add the Chat room/session.
  2. The Add Collaboration Session page

Joining a Chat Session


A specific version of Java is required to run the Collaboration tool. Many computers already have this plug-in installed. If the Collaboration window does not work properly, or you have problems opening it, you probably need to install the version of Java required by myWPI. When you select the Join button, a message appears in the myWPI window with a link to download the plug-in. Your students will also need this plug-in.

The Java plug-in download link.

  1. Go to Communication > Collaboration.

  3. Click the Join button next to the chat room session you want to join.
  4. Join a chat session created in the "Adding New Chat Rooms/Sessions" section on this page.

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