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Class Lists and myWPI

The class list in myWPI is provided as a convenience, but is not considered the official class list. The official class list is the one that resides in Banner. This list may be accessed from the Banner Web Information System, which is separate from myWPI.

Students are given access to a course site in myWPI if they are registered for the course, have a UNIX account, and have no administrative holds with the registrar. The class roster information is sent automatically to myWPI from the registrar's data in Banner.

Accessing the myWPI Class List

  1. To get a list of students who currently have access to your myWPI site, go to the Control Panel, then to the List/Modify Users link under User Management.
  2. Leaving the Search box empty, select the Search button to list all users.
  3. The list of all users with access to the site appears, including Instructor(s), TAs and Course Builders.
  4. A sample class list in myWPI

Helping Students

If a student is unable to access your course and asks for help, and their account is listed as disabled, encourage them to check with the registrar's office to see if there are any holds on their account. If there is a hold, their account will be reactivated automatically within an hour of clearing the hold.

If the student has no holds, or has other problems with myWPI, they should contact the myWPI Help Team with as much information as possible, including the course number. If a student sends you e-mail directly, please forward it to for assistance.

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