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Adding Content Areas (Buttons/Menu Items)


The Content Areas are used for posting content and file attachments directly into a myWPI Web site.

Content types used in myWPI:


Typical Content Area Names: Course Materials, Assignments, Lectures

Adding a New Content Area

  1. To add a new Content Area:
    Go to Control Panel > Course Options > Manage Course Menu.
  1. Choose the Content Area button next to Add. The Add New Area page appears with two sections.

Section 1: Set Area Properties

  1. Select a Name from the drop-down box or type in your own.
  2. Select whether or not you want to allow guest access.
  3. Select the option Available for Student/Participant users if you want students to see the new content area.

Section 2: Submit

  1. Click Submit to create your new Content Area.
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