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Adding a Course Link

The Course Link option allows you to create links within your course site. For example, you can use this tool to link to a Discussion Board forum from a Content Area such as Course Materials.

To add an Course Link to a Content Area or Folder

  1. Go to the Control Panel view of the Folder or Content Area you wish to add a URL to, such as Course Materials
  2. Choose the Course Link button under Add.
  3. The Add Course Link page appears with 4 sections.


Another way to add a course link is to click directly on the desired content area from the menu. Click Edit View in the top right of your screen to give you the same view you would get by going through the Control Panel. You can then select the Course Link button from the toolbar.

Section 1: Course Link Information

  1. Give the course link a title in the Name field.
  2. Add some descriptive text in the Text box (optional).

Section 2: Course Link

  1. Click the Browse button. This opens up the course map in a new browser window.
  1. From the course map, select the item in your course you want to link to. In this example, a discussion forum is linked directly from a content area. If you want to view folders or sub-areas of the course, use the plus "+" sign to expand or the minus "-" sign to contract the view. If you want to see everything in your course, click the Expand All button.


If the course map does not appear, check your browser settings and make sure that you do not have any popup blocking software set to block

Section 3: Options

The following options can also be added to course links. If you want to post the link directly with no extra options, skip to Section 4 to finish adding the External Link.

Section 4: Submit

  1. Click Submit to add the link and save your changes. The course link appears in the content area.
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