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Best Practices for myWPI Site Design


A well designed myWPI site will be easier for students to navigate, students will be able to see relationships between content, they will be more efficient in their use of the site, and they may even learn better!

Best Practices for Site Design

The following best practices will help you organize your site to maximize its effectiveness for you and your students.


If you are using a course site that has been copied from an older version of the course, you probably have a different menu structure. You can change the menu on your own, or the ATC would be happy to convert your older course site to the new template and help you restructure your site. Contact the myHelp team in the ATC at to request help or call 508-831-5220.


Contact the myHelp team if you need assistance designing your myWPI course site. Send an email to or call 508-831-5220.

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