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Sending Email to Your Students through myWPI


The Send Email tool within myWPI is used to send e-mail messages directly to the WPI e-mail accounts of individuals participating in your course. Copies of any e-mail messages you send through myWPI are sent directly to your WPI e-mail account.


The Send Email feature in myWPI is offered as a convenience, and does not replace your existing e-mail program. It is not possible to receive e-mail messages within the myWPI portal. All e-mail communication sent from myWPI is sent to WPI e-mail accounts and is listed as being from the sender's WPI e-mail address.

If you need assistance with your WPI e-mail account, please contact the CCC Helpdesk. An alternative to using the Send Email feature is to set up a mailing list for your class.

Accessing the Email Tool in myWPI

  1. Go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Send Email.

Sending E-mail through myWPI

  1. Select the type of e-mail you want to send.
    • All Users (all students/participants, and course or organization maintainers)
    • All Groups (all Groups, only if Groups are set up)
    • All Student Users (all students, but not TAs, instructors, or course builders)
    • All Teaching Assistant Users (all users that are listed as a TA in your myWPI site)
    • All Instructor Users (all users listed as an Instructor in your myWPI site)
    • Single/Select Users (allows you to select names from a list of everyone in your myWPI site)
    • Single/Select Groups (allows you to select groups from a list, only if Groups are set up)

    The Compose Email tool appears in two sections.


All Observer Users and Single/Select Observer Users appear as options, but the Observer role is not used at WPI, so those options may be ignored.

Section 1: Email Information

  1. If you chose a Single/Select option, highlight each user you want to send to in the Available to Select column and click the forward arrow to move them to the Selected column. If you used another option, verify that the recipients are correct.
  2. Enter a subject line in the Subject field.
  3. Enter the message in the Message field.
  4. If you want to attach a file, click the Attach a file link.
  5. Click Browse to locate the file your computer.
  6. To add additional files, click the Attach Another File link and Browse to locate the second file. Repeat until all files are attached.


Do not attach files with spaces or symbols in the document name. It could cause problems for some users. If you have these characters in a file name, rename the file on your computer before attaching it. To do this, right-click on the file and choose Rename.

Section 2: Submit

  1. Click Submit to send your message. An on-screen receipt displays with the names of the users that the e-mail was successfully sent to. A copy of the email is sent to your WPI e-mail account.


When you send e-mail messages through myWPI, the list of recipients is not visible on the e-mail you receive in your inbox, so you should cut and paste the list of recipients from the receipt if you need a record of who received the message. This is similar to using the BCC: field in an e-mail program.

Additionally, the myWPI Help Team is not able to retrieve messages sent through myWPI, so if you have an important message, you should compose it in a word processing program and save the file to your computer, or post a duplicate copy as an announcement.

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