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Viewing and Creating Your Student Homepage

Viewing Student Homepages

  1. Click the Communication link at the bottom of the course menu.
  1. Click Roster.


Some class sites have Roster or Student Pages listed in the course menu, both of which take you to the roster, eliminating the steps above. Also, some class sites have the tool turned off. If the Communication list does not show the Roster link in your course, it is probably unavailable to students. If you do not see this link, check with your instructor to see if the Roster tool is enabled in the course.

  1. You can search for particular students by selecting the folder tabs. To show a list of all participants in your course, select the List All tab.
  2. From the List All tab, click the List All button. All participants in your course are displayed.


On the first Search tab, if you hit the Search button without typing anything in the search box, it works the same as List All and saves you a few clicks.

  1. Each student's name appears as a link. Click the name of the student whose homepage you want to view and you will be taken to his or her homepage, if one exists.

Creating Your Student Homepage

  1. To create your homepage, click Course Tools under the Course Menu.
  1. Click the Homepage link.
  1. A page appears with a form to fill in your information. Fill in the form with your personal information and favorite websites for instructors/TAs and other students to view. If you want to upload a photo of yourself, or if your professor has requested it, use the Browse... button to upload a picture from your computer.

A sample homepage in progress

  1. Click the Submit button when finished.

If you ever need to make changes, go back to the Homepage link from the menu. To view your own Homepage, go to the Roster link. Any sections you leave blank in the form will not appear in your final homepage. Student homepages in myWPI are unique to each course, so if you are taking more than one course that needs a homepage, you can cut-and-paste your information between courses.

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