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Student Homepages are a great way for your students to introduce themselves and their interests to Instructors/TA's and other students participating in your course. If students will be picking groups for a project, they can view the homepages to select and get to know group members.

Viewing Student Homepages in myWPI


Student Homepages may only be viewed from the Course Menu (student view) with the buttons or menu on the left and cannot be viewed from the Control Panel.

Accessing Student Homepages

  1. Select Communication from the Course Tools area below the course menu.
  1. Select Roster.


If the Communications button or Roster link does not appear in your course, it is probably unavailable to students. Students will also need to have the Homepage option available to them under Tools to create a Homepage. To make these available, refer to Enabling/Disabling Features in Your Course Site

  1. To show a list of all participants in your course, leave the Search field empty and click the Search button. All participants in your course will be displayed.
  2. Click on an individualís name and you will be taken to the homepage of that participant, if that individual has created a page.


If you want to make the student homepages more visible in your course, you can add the Roster tool directly to the course menu. See Setting up the Course Menu and Site Features for details on adding a menu item.

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