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Adding Items to Content Areas, Folders, or Learning Units

  1. To add an item to a Content Area, Folder or Learning Unit go to Control Panel > Content Areas
  2. Select the name of the Content Area you want to add an item to (such as Course Documents).
  3. Choose the Item button. The Add Content page appears with three sections.


Another way to add an item is to click directly on the desired content area from the menu. Click Edit View in the top right of your screen to give you the same view you would get by going through the Control Panel. You can then select the Item button from the toolbar.

Section 1: Content Information

  1. Enter a name for the item in the Name field.
  2. Choose Color of Name: If you want to change the title color, use the Pick button to select a color. Otherwise, the default is black.
  3. Type in any text-based content into the Text box. Format the text using the text editing tools.

Section 2: Content Attachments

Attaching a file:
  1. If you are attaching a file, go to the Attach local file field and use the Browse button to find the file on your computer
  2. You can rename the link to the file under Name of Link to File. Otherwise, the link text will be the filename.
  3. Select one of three special actions:
Attaching multiple files:
  1. To attach multiple files, you need to submit each attachment separately.
  2. To do this, submit the first attachment by scrolling down and select the Submit button.
  3. Select Modify next to the Item name you were working on.
  4. Use the Browse button as above (in Section 2, step 1) to add another attachment. Use the Remove button next to the attachment name if you need to remove a previously uploaded attachment.

Section 3: Options

  1. These options are for adding visibility or date options.
  2. Submit the item to upload the file and save your changes.
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