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Known Issues

Browser Compatibility

Known Browser Issues

Blackboard officially supports the use of the following browsers: Internet Explorer 7.0, Safari 3.1, and Firefox 3.0. Users of non-supported browsers may experience difficulties interacting with myWPI.

For a list of current known Browser compatibility issues please visit:

Logging In

Logging in Twice

If you are forced to log in twice, you may be using the incorrect URL to access myWPI. Make sure that your bookmark lists myWPI as, or use the myWPI link from the WPI home page. The URL that appears on the login page is generated by myWPI and will not work with cut-and-paste.

If you are using a bookmark, make sure the bookmark lists the correct URL, which is For more help with book marking, visit the Bookmarking myWPI page.

Course Content

Assignment Manager - Batch Download Issues

When creating assignments using the Assignment Manager, do not use special characters in the Assignment Name as database errors can occur when attempting to batch download student submissions. If you are experiencing database errors when downloading, follow these instructions to resolve the problem:

Course Statistics

Individual Tracking Miscount

When you set individual tracking on an item, it only tracks whether or not the user viewed the page that contains the item. For example, if you had four tracked items in "Course Documents," each item would count as being viewed once each time a student viewed the "Course Documents" area, even if a student did not read the entire page. Additionally, it does not track viewing or downloading of any file attachments.

If you have an important item that must be tracked individually, such as a take home exam, we recommend placing the tracked item by itself in a folder. This way, the item will be the only item on a page, and will be tracked appropriately.

Course Statistics Available for 120 Days Only

Due to server load issues, Course Statistics in myWPI are only available for 120 days. This includes the Course Statistics from the Control Panel as well as any tracked items or folders. We are currently investigating possible solutions to this problem. If you have a specific research need that requires use of myWPI statistics, we recommend collecting the data frequently and keeping a backup copy in a safe place.

If you need more information on how tracking works in myWPI please contact the Help Team at

Discussion Board

Incorrect Ordering of Posts

Discussion Board thread threads sorted by date may be incorrectly ordered. The discussion board sorts by date but there is no secondary sorting by time which may result in posts being incorrectly ordered in the display screen.

Guest Access

Organization Sites with Guest Access Do Not Appear

There is currently an issue with guest access for organization sites. If a user tries to Preview an organization site, the user is brought back to the home tab. The workaround is to log in and Enroll in the organization site. This is only a problem for organizations, and not course sites.

Grade Center

Incorrect Alphabetization

When entering the grade center, the rows are sorted by the students' last names only - there is no secondary sort by first name. This can result in students with the same last name appearing out of order. For example, if you have two students with the last name Smith it is possible that Jim will appear above Ashley. In situations where repeated last names are encountered, please double check the sort order prior to entering grades.

Difficulty Saving Grades

Some instructors have reported difficulties when attempting to commit grade changes in the grade center. The Saving message will display but the changes are not committed. This issue is due to a Java incompatibility; updating Java and clearing the browser cache will resolve this. If this occurs, update Java ( and then clear the cache. Instructions on clearing your cache can be found here:

Incorrect Statistics

Grades entered into the interactive grade sheet are not appropriately utilized in the calculation of the mean and average for an assignment. For a grade to be included in the mean mean and average calculations it must be entered on the grade details screen.

  1. To access the grade details screen and provide feedback for an individual student, select the Action Link next to the exclamation point "!" in his or her row.
  1. Select Grade Details from the drop down menu.
  2. The Grade Details page will appear in three sections: Current Grade, Attempts, and Grade History.
  3. In the Current Grade section:
    1. Click the Override button.
    1. The Grade Override screen will appear.
    1. Enter a new grade in the Value box. This grade will now be included in the mean and average calculations for this column.
    2. Move to the next student using the Next Student arrow and repeat steps 1-3.

Grades Displayed as Complete/Incomplete (Checkmark) Instead of Point Value

Some courses display grades as complete/incomplete by default. This results in the grade appearing as checkmark instead of a numeric point value. To change the grade display back to points, select the Gradebook Item Name (e.g. Homework 1) -> Item Information. Under Display As, change the setting to Score to show a point value, then scroll down and select the Submit button to keep your changes.

Dropping Lowest or Highest Grade Does not Work

When attempting to drop either the lowest grade or highest grade from a set of items in the Grade Center the calculated average will be a total average. The Grade Center does not actually drop lowest grade, and drop setting disappears after hitting OK on the Modify Column screen.

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