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Make a myWPI Site Available or Unavailable to Students


This page is for an outdated version of myWPI. Click here to visit a page with updated instructions.

When a myWPI course site is requested, the site is automatically populated based on the student enrollment in Banner. However, students are not able to see the site until a site maintainer (Instructor, Course Builder or TA) makes it available. This allows faculty more control over when their materials are available.

Making a myWPI Site Available

  1. To make your course site available to students, go to the Control Panel > Course Options > Settings.
  2. Then select Course Availability.
  3. Select Yes for Make this course available to users? and click Submit.


To view which courses are unavailable at a glance, check the myWPI Enabled Courses module on the My Home tab.

An unavailable course listing

Making a myWPI Site Unavailable

There may be occasions when you want to make a myWPI site unavailable to students or participants, such as when redesigning a course. To make a site unavailable, follow the steps above, except choose No for Make this course available to users? in step 3.

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