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Course Menu Design (Buttons and Colors)

Selecting the Navigation Style, Colors and Properties

  1. Go to Control Panel > Course Options > Course Design.
  1. Click on Course Menu Design.
  2. Select Buttons or Text for your navigation style

For Button Menu:

  1. Select the Button Type, Button Shape, and Button Style and click Submit.


To view all available button options, use the Gallery of Buttons link

For Text Menu:

  1. Select the foreground and background colors and click Submit.


Be careful when choosing colors for buttons and text. For web pages, it is best to use colors that are not garish, with a high contrast for easy reading. If using a pattern, it is wise to select patterns that are less "busy." Shown below are examples of good and bad color/pattern selections.

Examples of poor course menu design (low contrast and distracting patterns)

Examples of good course menu design (high contrast, and subtle patterns)

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