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myWPI Organization Activation Form


Members of the WPI community may use this form to request websites within the myWPI portal for organizations, such as student groups, sports teams, faculty and staff committees, and department workgroups.

Unlike other types of myWPI sites, must select a level of security, from the following:

Organization Information

Your Name:
Your E-mail:

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I am requesting a site for:
Name of Organization:
Membership Security:    

Password (if applicable):

Organization Site Managers, Assistants, & Participants

Please list below the names and WPI e-mail addresses of the site managers, assistants, and members for this organization. Organizations may have up to 4 managers, who are the owners of the group. The managers have read/write access and can authorize a change in privileges for existing users, for example, promoting a participant to an assistant. All other users who need read/write access should be listed as Assistants. Other members are usually listed as participants.
Managers [Limit 4]:
(Site Ownership, Read & Write Access)

(Read & Write Access)
(Read-Only Access)

ReCAPTCHA Challenge: Please type in the following two words

NOTE: By submitting this form, you allow members of the staff of the Academic Technology Center (ATC) to access/modify site content at your request. Examples of this may be adding files to your site or performing technical troubleshooting.

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