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Embedding Webpages into myWPI with Package Files


Using package files in myWPI allows you to embed HTML-based webpages into myWPI. This is a good option if you have existing web content that you would like to have directly available in myWPI, or if you want to create new pages using a webpage editing program such as Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer. Using this option allows you to bring some color and creativity into your myWPI sites.

Before you Begin: Gather your Web Page Files

Before you begin, you need to create the webpage using your preferred HTML editor if you have not created one. When you are done creating the webpage, or if you want to use a page that has already been created, you need to create a .zip file of all the HTML and image files used for the page.

If you have WinZip installed, you can go to the folder on your computer where the files are stored, select the files and then "right-click." Under WinZip select Add to Zip file... You will be prompted for a filename for the .zip file. Enter the name and then select the Add button to finish creating the .zip file. If you are using another .zip file program, be sure to follow the instructions for your particular program.

Adding the Web Page to myWPI

  1. Go to the Control Panel and select the content area you wish to add the page to, such as Course Materials or Assignments, or go to the location in the course where you want to add the webpage and click Edit View in the upper right corner.
  2. Package Files are added as an Item. Choose the Item button in the toolbar and fill in the Name field.


Refer to the Adding Items page if you are not familiar with adding items.

  1. Under Section 2, select the Browse button to attach the .zip file you just created.
  2. In the Name of Link to File field, type in a name if you want to have a link name. If you do not type in a name, the filename will appear instead. (For Package Files, it is recommended that you type in a name so that the students know it is a web page to view, and not a .zip file to download.) Select any other options needed on the page and then click Submit.
  3. In the Special Action field, select Unpackage this file.
  1. The Embedded Media Information screen appears. Select the Entry Point for your web page. For most webpages the entry point is index.html or index.htm. The entry point is the first page your students see.
  2. In the Launch in new window field, select Yes or No. Selecting No will cause the page to appear in the main content frame.
  3. When you are finished, click the Submit button.
  4. The Package File appears as a link. When the students go to the link the embedded web page appears in the myWPI frame or in a new window, depending on which option you chose.

A Sample Package File Embedded in a myWPI Site.

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