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myWPI Project Group Activation Form


Please use this form to request special access to myWPI for use by a project group. We currently provide access to MQP, IQP, and thesis groups, which can use all of the features of a typical course site.

Once a project group has been set up in myWPI, a link labeled "Thesis," "MQP" or "IQP" appears under each student and instructor's list of Courses on the main page and under the Courses tab.

Note: While both students and faculty can request access, we require that advisors of projects have access, so advisor information must be provided below, even if a student makes the request.

Project Information

Requested By:
Requestor E-mail:

Use full address, e.g., or

Advisor Name:
Advisor E-mail:

Use full address, e.g., or

I am requesting a site for:
Project Number*:
Project Title
Expected Completion Date:
* Project numbers must be submitted on this form. The project number usually consists of your advisor's initials, followed by four digits. You can also submit a CRN in place of a project number.

Team Information

Please list the names and e-mail addresses of the students and other advisors involved in the project/thesis, using this format: Joe Smith ( Don't forget to include your own name/email if you are the student requester!

ReCAPTCHA Challenge: Please type in the following two words

NOTE: By submitting this form, you allow members of the staff of the Academic Technology Center (ATC) to access/modify site content at your request. Examples of this may be adding files to your site or performing technical troubleshooting.

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