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RefWorks: The Citation Management Tool


RefWorks is a web based tool that helps you to manage your many citations! WPI Gordon Library has purchased this for use by all WPI students, faculty, and staff. It helps you keep track of the sources you are using for your research, including the ability to paste in sections of the text of the documents and your own notes about the sources. RefWorks accounts can be used to publish course reading lists or to foster group collaboration on projects. Project teams with a myWPI course site will find RefWorks a handy to share and manage references.

Within myWPI tools, you & your students can now directly access your RefWorks account by clicking on the RefWorks link in the Tools area of your course. If you wish to share your references with your students or to create a class account which they can share references and articles go to the Tools area of myWPI to find the RefWorks bridge.

Tip: Setting up your RefWorks account

Before using the RefWorks bridge in myWPI it is suggested that you set up an Individual Refworks account. To do so:

  1. Click on the RefWorks link on the library web site or go to *
  2. Click on Sign Up for an Individual Account.
  3. Enter the appropriate information and click on Register.

* If you are connecting from off campus, use the Proxy to connect or login using your Group Code (send a request via our Ask a Librarian form to get the group code)

Configuring the RefWorks Bridge

In order to use the Refworks Bridge in myWPI, you must configure the tool and associate it with a RefWorks account.

  1. Go to Course Menu > Course Tools > RefWorks - bibliographic management software
  1. You will be prompted to create a new RefWorks account or link to an existing RefWorks account.
  2. Creating a New RefWorks Account

    1. Click the Create a new account radio button.
    2. A RefWorks account will be automatically created for you.

    Using an existing RefWorks Account

    1. Click the Use an existing account radio button.
    2. In the Login Name field, enter your RefWorks login name.
    3. In the Password field, enter the password for this RefWorks account.


Once associated with myWPI, your Refworks login name will be changed to "BB-[myWPIusername]". This is now your refWorks username and you will need to use this new username to login to your RefWorks account.

  1. You will receive an acknowledgment email containing the RefWorks account login information: username, password, read-only password, and the RefWorks Group Code.

Connecting to RefWorks from myWPI Course Content Areas


As the instructor you can choose the level of access your students have to your RefWorks database. There are two access levels: full and read-only.

  1. To add a RefWorks database to a Content Area or Folder go to Control Panel > Content Areas
  2. Select the name of the Content Area you want to add the database to (such as Course Documents).
  3. In the toolbar, select Link to RefWorks Database. The Link RefWorks Database page appears.
  4. Enter RefWorks account information your received in the RefWorks account creation acknowledgement email.
  5. Click Submit to add the link to the RefWorks Database.
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