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From A Student's Perspective: Student Homepages


Student Homepages are a great way for your students to introduce themselves and their interests to Instructors/TA's and other students participating in your course.

Students access and edit their personal homepages from the Course Tools link in the Course Menu. From the Tools page, they select Homepage and a page opens where they can add personal information, pictures, and favorite websites for instructors/TA's and other students to view.

Students can edit their Homepage Information for other participants to see.

If instructors or TA's attempt to access Homepages from Course Menu > Tools > Homepage, they receive an error message. The Homepage link is only available for students.

Students, instructors, and TAs can view student Homepages by going to Course Menu > Communication > Roster. Alternatively, you can add the Roster tool directly to the course menu to make it easier to access the homepages.

To show a list of all students in the course in the Roster tool, select the List All folder tab, and select List All again. All students in the course are displayed. Select an individualís name to view the homepage of that participant, if one exists.

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