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Working with Course Statistics in myWPI


Instructors and TA's can use the Course Statistics tool to generate graphical reports on course usage and activity either by individual students or by the class participants as a whole.

Generating a Statistics Report


When viewing reports that include hit or access statistics, a hit is tracked every time a request is sent to the Blackboard Learning System. For example, when tracking use of the Discussion Board, a student accesses the Discussion Board (1 hit), selects a forum (2 hits), and reads a message (3 hits).

  1. Go to: Control Panel > Assessment > Course Statistics. The Course Statistics page appears where you can select a type of report to generate and filter preferences. The page has 3 sections.

Section 1: Select Report

  1. In the Select Report field, select a report type from the dropdown menu.
  2. Select a Report Type

Section 2: Filter Options

  1. In the Time Period field, choose the time period for the report in the dropdown menus.
  1. In the Users field, select the users to include in the reports by either selecting All Users, or Selected Users. If you chose Selected Users, select the preferred names in the list.


To select multiple students, hold the "Control" (Ctrl) key down on the keyboard and select the name of each student you want to include in the report.

Select All Users to view a report for all users who have accessed the course or pick Selected Users to view a report for specific users

Section 3: Submit

  1. Click Submit to generate the report.

Generating Statistics for Specific Content (Tracking)

To Turn on the Tracking feature:

  1. Access the content item you want to track by going to Control Panel > Content Areas > and the content area where the item is located, or locate the item using the menu and click Edit View.
  2. Click Modify next to the content item.
  1. In the Track Number of Views field, select Yes.
  2. Click Submit to save your changes. When accessing the content item through the Control Panel or Edit View, Enabled: Statistics Tracking displays below the content item's title.

To View Statistics for a Content Item

  1. If tracking is enabled for an item, click Manage next to the content item.
  2. Click Statistics Tracking.
  3. Click View Statistics.
  4. Follow the steps in the section above for generating a statistics report.
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