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Viewing Streaming Video in myWPI

Courses containing video are streamed using one of two players: Windows Media Player or Quicktime. It is recommended that you download and install both players prior to beginning a course so that you can troubleshoot any technical problems in advance.

How do I know which player to use?

Course videos are streamed in myWPI in such a way that your computer should know which player to run. However, the four screenshots below can help you determine which player is necessary. Click the screenshot that best matches the content you are trying to view for play information.

Windows Media Player file

Echo360 Lecture Captures - Flash & Quicktime Recommended

Watch a Windows Media Player Video Embedded in myWPI

To watch a Windows Media Player video from within myWPI, you can use the player controls. Use the Play button to play the video. While the video is playing the Play button becomes a Pause button. You can toggle between Play and Pause while watching the video. Use the Stop button to stop the video completely. You can also use the Rewind and Fast Forward buttons or the "pill shaped" Seek bar ("") to navigate through the video.

Open a Video in Windows Media Player

This option opens the video directly Windows Media Player. This option allows you to use all of the features of Windows Media Player software, such as resizing the video or playing it full screen.

Download a Video to Your Computer

To download the video to your computer "right-click" on the Download link above the video and choose Save Target As... or Save File As... from the drop-down list. Then, navigate to the location on your computer where you would like to save the file and hit save. The file can then be viewed from your computer or burned to a CD etc.

If you do not see a download link, your instructor has disabled this option, or there may be another restriction that prevents downloading, such as a copyright restriction.


Watch a Captured Lecture

To watch a recorded lecture from myWPI, access your class site and click Course Materials > Class Capture. Captured lectures will be displayed in chronological order (newest recordings at the bottom).

You will see a set of links like this:

The name of the class and recording is displayed in bold font. Below that, the date and time of the capture is displayed in plain font. Following the date and time are a series of links. The following is a description of each link.

Playing Back Rich Media Files

Rich Media captures will open in a new browser window. Once you are viewing a recording, you can jump around in it by clicking the index thumbnails. You can also skip ahead by clicking around in the scrubber bar.

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