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Submitting Assignments with SafeAssign

Instructors may select to have assignments submitted using a tool called SafeAssign, which checks for plagiarism. If your instructor is using this tool, you will be made aware of it because a notice appears within the assignment indicating that the assignment will be checked for plagiarism. For more information on WPI's position on plagiarism, see the WPI Academic Honesty Policy. Additionally, assignments submitted through SafeAssign are added to a database of WPI papers, making it possible for papers submitted by other students in the future to be checked for plagiarism against your paper. This helps you protect your own work. An assignment that uses the SafeAssign tool appears as below.

Submitting a SafeAssign Assignment

  1. Go to the area in your course where the assignment is located (eg., Course Materials).
  2. Click the View/Complete link.
  3. In the Comments field, enter any comments you would like the instructor or TAs to see. You do not need to enter a comment.
  4. To attach the assignment, click the Browse button to find the file on your computer. Note that only one file can be attached.
  5. In the Global Reference Database section of the page, click the checkbox if you would like to submit your paper to the Global Reference Database. This is optional. Selecting this option adds your paper to a database of papers from other institutions, further protecting the originality of your work.
  6. Click Submit to submit the file for plagiarism checking and grading by the instructor.


SafeAssign does not yet work with Microsoft Office 2007, so you must submit save your papers in a Microsoft Word 2003 format (.doc), rich text format (.rtf), or as PDF documents (.pdf).

Viewing Your Results

If your instructor has enabled the option for you to view the SafeAssign report for your submission, you can view the report to see how your paper compares to other published sources.

  1. Go to the location in your course where the assignment is posted. Click the View/Complete link.
  2. Click OK to view the results.
  3. In the Submitted Work section of the page, you can see the percentage of your paper that matches other sources and a link to a SA Report. Your instructor also has access to this information. Matching content does not necessarily indicate plagiarism. It is up to your instructor to review the report and determine if there has been plagiarism. If you do not see a Matching score or link to a SA Report, the assignment is still queued for checking and you should check back again for the information. For information on interpreting the report, see SafeAssign Interpret Reports.
  4. In the View Grade and Instructor's Feedback sections of the page, you can view your score on the assignment and any feedback from the instructor, provided the instructor has already graded the assignment and provided feedback.
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