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Main Areas of myWPI (Tabs)

In myWPI there are five tabs across the top of the page: Home, Courses, Community, Services, and E-mail & Banner.

Tabs in myWPI

Home Tab

The Home tab is where you find your personal interface to the site. This includes:

The appearance and layout of this page can be customized to suit your personal interests through the Modify Content and Modify Layout buttons located in the top right hand corner of the Home tab.

Courses Tab

The Courses tab contains a detailed list of links to the courses that you are taking or teaching that have myWPI sites.

Community Tab

The Community tab contains information about campus organizations, such as student clubs and faculty committees.

Services Tab

The Services tab contains links to various offices on campus, commonly used forms, and other quick links to the WPI web.

E-mail & Banner Tab

The E-mail & Banner tab contains links to WPI web-based e-mail clients and the WPI Web Information System.

Shortcut Buttons

The shortcut buttons are located above and to the right of the navigation tabs.

Shortcut buttons


The Home button links back to the myWPI Home page.


The Help button takes you to the myWPI Help and Support web site.


The Logout button logs you out myWPI.

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