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Virtual Classroom: Using the Tool (Basic)

Accessing the Virtual Classroom in myWPI

The Virtual Classroom is a collaboration tool that allows instructors and students to participate in real time lessons and discussions and also view archives of previous collaboration sessions. The main area of the Virtual Classroom includes all of the functions available to users.


The Virtual Classroom opens up in a new browser window that many pop-up blocking programs block. You must disable any pop-up blocking programs you have running while using the Virtual Classroom tool.

  1. Go to the Communication link in the Course Tools section of the course menu. Your instructor may also post a link directly to the classroom. If so, that link can be used as a shortcut rather than going through the Communication area.
  1. Select Collaboration from the menu
  1. The Collaboration Sessions page appears. The default Virtual Classroom is displayed as Lecture Hall. Your instructor may have a different name, or a particular session he or she wants you to use. Click the Join button to join the chat.
  1. The Virtual Classroom session opens in a new window. On the lower left-hand side of this chat window is a participant listing showing users who have joined the Virtual Classroom. The chat area is on the lower right-hand side. The whiteboard tool is in the upper left.

Participant, Whiteboard and Chat Area


If the collaboration window does not work for you, please check your pop-up blocker settings to make sure that any pop-up blockers you have are set to allow You may also need to install the Java plug-in. After you click on Join the myWPI window will have a link to install the Java client. Select the link and follow the directions. You may need to restart your computer after installing the Java client.

Composing Chat Messages

  1. Type your text in the Compose field in the lower right-hand side of the window. When you are ready to send your message to all session participants, click the Send button or press the "Return" key on the keyboard. Your text appears in the chat area in the lower right-hand side.
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