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Virtual Classroom: Using the Tool (Basic)


If you have not joined a Virtual Classroom yet, please see instructions on Virtual Classroom: Creating and Joining Classrooms.

The Virtual Classroom session opens in a new window. On the lower left side of the window is a Participant listing showing users who have joined the Virtual Classroom. Roles are also indicated, Moderators with a small globe icon, and students with an icon of a person's head. The Chat Area is on the lower right side of the Chat Session. The Whiteboard tool is in the upper left.

Participant, Whiteboard and Chat Area

Composing Chat Messages

  1. In the Compose field, type your text message. When you are ready to send your message to all session participants, click the Send button or press the "Return" key on your keyboard. Your text appears in the Chat Area.

Using the Whiteboard

The Whiteboard Tool Panel has two folder tabs: the Controls tab and the Tools tab

Controls Tab

Moderators can insert new whiteboards or remove existing whiteboards in the Controls tab. They can also control which existing whiteboards participants should view in the Whiteboard Tool screen.

  1. Click the + button to add new whiteboard documents.
  2. Click the X button to delete existing whiteboard documents.
  3. Click the page numbers to display the corresponding whiteboard document in the whiteboard tool.

Controls tab: Inserting a new whiteboard document

Tools Tab

The Tools tab gives the moderator tools to modify/edit the whiteboard document. For example, the moderator can draw or type on the whiteboard.

Tools tab

  1. Select a tool to use in the whiteboard document.
  2. Select your tool preferences in the drop-down menus.
  3. Use your tool in the whiteboard tool on the right-hand side of the window.

Clearing the Whiteboard


Instead of clearing the tool, create a new page. Clear the drawings/text on the tool only if you have made a mistake.

  1. Click the eraser tool above the whiteboard document to clear the document.

Tools tab

  1. When prompted to confirm the clear, click OK.

Recording Virtual Classroom Sessions


The Record Menu allows the moderator to record and store the chat session for future reference. By default, all recordings are also made available to students, although Instructors can Manage the Recordings by accessing them from Control Panel > Course Tools > Collaboration Tools > Recordings (button).

Recording the Chat Session

  1. In the session, click the Record button.
  1. To stop or pause the recording, press the appropriate buttons.
  2. To view your recordings at a later time, go to Communications > Collaboration.
  3. Click Recordings next to the session you recorded and want to review.

Recording the Whiteboard

While still recording your session using the steps above, you can also record any image you draw on the whiteboard.

  1. Click the Snapshot button in the whiteboard toolbar.
  1. Repeat for each Whiteboard screen you want archived in the recordings.

Clearing the Chat Area

  1. If you want to refresh the chat area, click the Clear button in the session window.
  2. Select whether you would like to clear only your display window or the display windows of all participants.
  3. Click OK to clear.

Ending a Virtual Classroom Session

  1. Click the End button. This closes the session for all participants.
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