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Accessing Podcasts in myWPI

Accessing Podcast Episodes within the Course

Podcast episodes can be accessed directly from a content area or through the course tools area. The audio/video content opens within the default media player on the user's computer.

Accessing Podcast Episodes in a Content Area

Podcast episodes can be listened to or viewed directly in a content area of a course site.

To listen to or view a podcast episode in a content area, click on the link for the episode. The link may say watch, listen, play, or open, depending on the type of file that is linked. Attached supporting material, such as PowerPoint slides, may also linked.

You can also download the media file directly to your computer by right clicking on watch, listen, play, or open and selecting Save Target As.

Note to Distance Learning Students

Video files in distance learning classes that are not recorded in a live classroom, such as recorded PowerPoint presentations and software demonstrations, are no longer streamed and instead are available to you via the podcast tool. You can still view the videos within myWPI and download them to your computer as you did before.

Accessing Podcast Episodes in the Course Tools Area

When a podcast episode is added to a content area, it automatically appears in the Podcast tool within the Tools area of the course and can be accessed there in addition to the content area where it was added.

  1. Go to Course Tools > Podcast.
    The Podcast page appears.
  2. Click on an episode title to play the episode, or click Play All to play all of the episodes.

Subscribing to a Podcast

If RSS feeds have been enabled for the course podcast, all users in the course can subscribe to the podcast and receive the podcasts through their podcast aggregator or podcatcher, such as iTunes.

  1. Go to Course Tools > Podcast.
  2. If you use iTunes, click the iTunes button. iTunes will be launched and a subscription to the course podcast will be added, completing the subscription process for iTunes.
  3. If you use a podcast aggregator other than iTunes, right-click on the RSS button.
  4. Select the Copy Shortcut option if using Internet Explorer or the Copy Link Location option if using Firefox.
  5. Open your podcast aggregator application and past the copied link in the appropriate location for the application.
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