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Virtual Classroom: Creating and Joining Sessions

The Virtual Classroom is a Collaboration Tool that allows Instructors and Students to participate in real time lessons and discussions and also view archives of previous Collaboration sessions.The main area of the Virtual Classroom includes all of the functions available to users. From this area Instructors can manage the session through the system controls, interact with participants, and use the Whiteboard to post content, open Web pages, and draw. The Instructor has the ability to control access and functionality for other participants in the session.


The Virtual Classroom opens up in a new browser window that many pop-up blocking programs block. You will need to disable any pop-up blocking programs you have running while using the Virtual Classroom tool.

Accessing the Virtual Classroom Tool in myWPI

  1. Go to Control Panel > Course Tools > Collaboration. The Collaboration Sessions page appears with the Lecture Hall displayed, which is the default virtual classroom.

Adding New Virtual Classrooms

  1. Click the Collaboration Session button. The Add Collaboration Session page appears with four sections.

Section 1: Session Name

  1. Enter a name for the session in the Session Name field.

Section 2: Schedule Availability

  1. To make a session available for only a specific date(s), click the checkboxes for Start After and End After and then select the dates and times from the dropdown menus. If instead you want the session to be available for the duration of the course, click Yes for Available.

Section 3: Collaboration Tool

  1. At the Choose tool for this Session field, select Virtual Classroom from the dropdown menu.

Section 4: Session Name

  1. Click Submit to add the virtual classroom session.
  2. The Add Collaboration Session page

Joining a Virtual Classroom

  1. Go to Communication > Collaboration.

  3. Click the Join button next to the virtual classroom session you want to join.

Joining a Virtual Classroom session


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