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Weighting Grades


Items or categories in the Grade Center within myWPI can be assigned a weighted value. For example, an exam may be given more "weight" than a quiz.

Weighting Grades

  1. Go to Control Panel > Assessment > Grade Center. The Grade Center Full Grade Center View page appears.
  1. Click the Add Calculated Column icon in the Action Bar of the Grade Center.
  2. Select Weighted from the Action Link menu. The Add Weighted Column page appears in five sections.

Section 1: Column Information

  1. Enter a name in the Column Name field.
  2. Enter a display name in the Grade Center Display Name field. The name entered in this field is the name that will display to students. This field is optional, if left blank the Column Name will be displayed to students in the Grade Center.
  3. Enter a Description.
  4. Select the type of grade (score, percentage, letter) from the Primary Display drop down menu.
  5. Select an additional optional type of grade (score, percentage, letter) from the Secondary Display drop down menu.

Section 2: Dates

  1. The column creation date is displayed for your future reference.

Section 3: Select Columns

  1. Select the Grade Center Columns and Categories to be included in the Weighted Grade Column.
  2. Selecting Categories from the list of Categories to Select:
    1. Click on the name of the Category you wish to add.
    2. Click on the arrow to add it to your list of selected Columns.
  3. Enter the percentages for each column or Category to be included in the Weighted Grade.
  4. Tip

    If you add a Category to your list of Selected Columns several other options appear:

    • Grading Period (If you have pre-defined grading periods)
    • Weigh Columns
    • Drop Grades
    These options can be used to refine your grade weighting scheme.


    Once selected Grade Items and Categories can be removed from your list of Selected Columns by clicking on the red x.

Section 4: Options

  1. Click Yes or No in the Include this column in Grade Center calculations field, depending on whether or not the item's grade will be used in Grade Center calculations.
  2. Click Yes or No in the Show this column in My Grades field, depending on whether or not you want students to see their own grades for the item.
  3. Note

    Making the item available to students only allows students in your course to see their own personal grades. They cannot view the grades of other students in your course.

  4. Click Yes or No in the Show Statistics (average and median) for this column in My Grades  field, depending on whether or not you want students to see column statistics in My Grades.

Section 5: Submit

  1. Click Submit to weight the grades. A new Weighted Total column appears in the Grade Center reflecting your grade weight preferences.
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