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SnagIt 8 Most Commonly Used Tools and Tasks (Techsmith, 2005)

Tool Icon Name Tool Function
Zoom Zoom in and out using the left and right mouse button. The mouse wheel also zooms in and out.
Selection Select a portion of the image for copy, cutting, pasting, image effects, etc. Selections may be rectangular, elliptical, polygonal or freehand. Use this tool for moving selected areas with a transparent or opaque color.
Paintbrush Draw freehand on the image. Control the brush's color, shape, width, opacity, anti-aliasing and drop shadow.
Line Draw a line on the image. Control the line's color, shape, width, opacity, ant-ialiasing, and drop shadow. Also draw Bezier curved lines. To draw a curve, click and drag the end points of the curve. Click again to set the point that the line will pass through. Click a second time to specify another point for the curve to follow.
Arrow Draw an arrow in the image. Same attributes as line including setting the arrowhead style and size.
Eraser Freehand erase. Control the color, width, opacity, and anti-aliasing.
Text Type text on the image. Control text font, size, style, layout, drop shadow, anti-aliasing, color, frame, box style, and fill color.
Callout Create shaped callouts with text. Choose from a selection of arrows and balloons. Control callout shape, size, color, orientation, and drop shadow, and text font, size, style, layout, and color.
Stamp Apply the selected image as a stamp. Select the desired image in the image thumbnail list and select the image. Add or remove the drop shadow property. SnagIt comes with four categories of stamp images: Accents, Arrows, Callouts and Cursors.
Fill Flood fill an enclosed area using any color. Control the fill tolerance and opacity.
Shape Draw any rectangular, rounded rectangle, elliptical, or polygon shape.
For example, to draw a polygon, click and drag a line, click again to draw another line segment. Continue to click to draw line segments. Double-click to finish the polygon.
Airbrush Spray paint can. Control color, size, density, opacity, and drop shadow.
Eyedropper Select any color from the image by clicking the left and right mouse buttons. Left mouse button sets the Foreground color; the right mouse button selects the Background color.
Highlight Highlight any rectangular region of the image with any selected color.
Edge Effects Edge Effects are special effects that you place around the outside edge of your capture. You can add these effects either as a filter before capturing or within Preview Window or SnagIt Editor after capturing.
Spotlight/Magnify The Spotlight/Magnify options allow you to select a portion of the capture and modify it using a magnification effect as well as darkening and blurring effects.
Border Use the border options to add a border around the capture.
Resize Image The Resize Image tool allows you to easily change the overall size of an image to any desired size.
Resize Canvas This option allows you to change the size of the canvas. This is the area surrounding the capture.
Trim Use the Trim options to cut the outside borders of images you capture. You can trim the top, bottom, and sides of your capture, or any combination of these.
Rotate & Flip Use the Rotate & Flip options to flip or mirror a selection of the capture or the entire capture and rotate the capture by the number of degrees specified.


TechSmith. SnagIt Editor. Retrieved: July 21, 2006.

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