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Creating Hyperlinked Text

Benefits of Creating Hyperlinked Text with Microsoft Word:

In the image above, both links take the user to the same website. However, the link on top appears messy. WPI users will recognize that the link will take them to a trusted WPI webpage. However, users outside of the WPI community might not associate the link as being a trusted source. Many web URLs also appear long and can take up many lines. The second link in the above image identifies where the viewer will be taken and looks cleaner.

Creating a Basic Hyperlink

  1. In your web browser, go to the URL you intend to use in your document.
  2. Select the URL for the webpage and right-click. Then select Copy.
  3. In your Word document, select the text you want to transform into a hyperlink to the webpage you located in Step 1.

    For example, if you wanted the text "ATC Teaching with Technology Collaboratory" to link to, you would select and highlight the phrase.
  4. From the Insert tab, select Hyperlink.
  5. The Insert Hyperlink window appears.
  6. Verify that the text you highlighted in Step 3 is in the textbox next to Text to Display:
  7. Paste the URL from Step 1 into the textbox next to Address. You can do this by putting your cursor in the textbox, right-clicking and then selecting Paste.
  8. Select OK. Your text now appears as a hyperlink. To check the link and verify that it works, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click the link. Your default Internet browser should open up the URL.
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