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Google Presentations

What can I use Presentations for?

Google Presentations can be used to produce individual or collaborative group presentations. Presentations can be developed and delivered online through the Google Docs interface. You must have a Google account to create documents or use other Google applications.


Google Apps is not a WPI-supported resource. If you have questions, please do not contact the Help Desk.

Setting up a Google Presentation

  1. Log in to your Google Docs account by navigating to
  2. Under the New menu, select Presentation.
  3. Your new Untitled presentation appears on the next page
  4. The presentation name can easily be changed by clicking on the current presentation title.
  5. Enter the new presentation title in the message box.
  6. To edit the presentation click on the current slide and begin typing. Additional slides, images, and videos can be added using the buttons on the edit menu.

Document Sharing and Revision History

Sharing and revision history are also available for Google Presentations! For more information see Sharing documents and Revision History on the Google Documents page.

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