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What is myWPI?

WPI's online information and learning portal, myWPI, provides a customized portal interface to course content, projects, campus organizations and WPI's web of information. The myWPI web site is located at and is powered by the Blackboard Learning System with Community Portal version 8.0.


Many professors use myWPI to share course content and to communicate online. If a course you are taking does not appear in myWPI, it probably means that your professor is not using it for your course or that there is a registration issue. Enrollment in myWPI course sites is connected to course registration in the Registrar's office. You should have access to the myWPI web site within 24 hours of registering for a course, unless the instructor has chosen to make the site unavailable. If this is the case, you should check with your instructor if the site is not available after the first day of classes.

Information for instructors and students on using myWPI course sites is available at the myWPI Help and Support site.

A sample course view in myWPI


Some student organizations and faculty/staff workgroups and committees use myWPI as an online communication and collaboration tool. Using myWPI for organizations is optional and does not replace an existing organization web site on the external WPI web.

To view existing organizations, you can browse the Organization Catalog from the Community tab. Some organizations have restricted access to members or officers only, so you may not be able to view all myWPI organization pages. If you cannot find an organization you are looking for, try searching from the WPI home page at

To request a myWPI web site for your organization, follow the instructions on the Getting Started with myWPI Organizations page.

An sample organization view in myWPI


MQP, IQP and Thesis project groups may request a myWPI group site to share files and communicate online. To request a project group site in myWPI, fill in the project request form. Students may have more features in project groups--the same tools that TAs can use in their classes. Below is a screenshot of an IQP course with TA access.

A sample project group site view in myWPI

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