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2010 Course Redesign Technology Grant Recipients

Mike Buckholt

Biology & Biotechnology

Course: BB2901, BB2902, BB2903, and BB2904 (Biology Lab courses)
Project Title:Implementation of Video Lab Reports in the Introductory Biology Labs
Description:Support student use of video screen-capturing technologies for laboratory report submission.

Destin Heilman

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Course: CH1030, CH2640, and CH4110
Project Title:A Tech Tutorial to Improve Student Performance in Equilibrium Chemistry
Description:Create an interactive tutorial that addresses reinforcement of theory in equilibrium dynamics.

Ally Hunter

Biology & Biotechnology

Courses: BB1001, Intro to Biology
Project Title:Non-Majors Biology: Engaging Students in a Large Lecture Format Using Clicker Cases and Data Sharing
Description:This project seeks to re-design the current BB1001 course to use only non-lecture teaching strategies. More specifically, interactive clicker cases will be used as the primary teaching method.

Amy Zeng

School of Business

Courses: OIE4460 (Global Planning & Logistics) and OIE553 (Global Purchasing & Logistics)
Project Title:Developing Computer-Based Tools for Decision Analysis in Global Supply Chain and Logistics Management
Description:Develop a set of computer-based tools to enhance studentsí abilities to deal with decision analysis in global supply chain and logistics management.

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