Academic Technology Center
Teaching with Technology Collaboratory

2008 Course Redesign Technology Grant Recipients

Christopher Brown, Mustapha Fofana, and Torbjorn Bergstrom

Mechanical Engineering

Course: ME 1800 Manufacturing Science, Prototyping, and Computer-Controlled Machining
Project: Development of CAM and CNC teaching and reference modules.

John Delorey

Humanities and Arts

Course: Inquiry Practicum
Project: Videotaping student conductors and placing videos online for comment by instructor and other students.

Roger Gottlieb

Humanities and Arts

Course: PY 2717 Philosophy and the Environment
Project: Develop a web-based course site to facilitate communication and collaboration among students outside of class and enhance student learning.

Jennifer Rudolph

Humanities and Arts

Courses: HI 2328 Revolutions in the 20th Century and HI 234x Popular Culture and Social Change
Project: Develop multimedia learning modules that allow students to experience the rich layers of history.

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