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The Teaching Technology Fellowship program is a joint initiative sponsored by the Division of Academic Affairs and Information Technology. The Fellowship is administered by the Academic Technology Center and actively networks with other instructional and information technology services groups on campus such as the Computing and Communications Center (CCC), the Gordon Library, and the Center for Educational Development and Assessment (CEDA).

The Fellowship program operates over a two year period and provides accepted faculty members with an opportunity to systematically address problematic aspects of courses they teach through the creative application of technology. In the application process, fellows are required to identify pedagogical issues or teaching challenges they wish to explore as part of their Fellowship experience. The two principal features of the program - the Fellowship sessions and the Fellowship project - help to address these challenges and seek to assist faculty in developing practical solutions that can be readily implemented in their courses.

During year one of the program, Fellows are expected to attend a series of information sessions which provide a core foundation on topics related to enriching the teaching and learning experience through the use of technology. Also in the first year, with the assistance of an assigned coordinator from the Academic Technology Center, Fellows conduct a review of technologies relevant to the teaching challenges they have identified, and finalize their Fellowship project plan.

In year two, Fellows continue to attend sessions focused on emerging technologies, but commit the bulk of their time to meeting regularly with their assigned coordinator, completing and assessing their Fellowship project, and submitting their final report.

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