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WPI Computer Account Overview

January 22, 2007

Overwhelmed by your different WPI computer accounts? The following summary may help clarify the various types of accounts you have at WPI:

UNIX Account

Unix is an operating environment and houses applications used to support coursework and research, as well as many of the network-based services provided to the WPI Community. Your UNIX username can be up to 8 characters long, and may consist of lowercase letters, numbers, and most special characters. It must also be a unique username that nobody else at WPI has. Your UNIX account determines your e-mail address (i.e. John Doe's UNIX account may be jdoe, therefore his e-mail address is The Basic UNIX Commands page will help you get started.

The UNIX username and password grant access to:

ADMIN Account

The ADMIN account is used by faculty and staff to access the ADMIN domain resources such as administrative file shares and printers. It also supports the Microsoft Exchange e-mail system (, allowing for the sharing of information (calendars, e-mail, web interface, etc.) over the network. In addition, specialized academic and office productivity software is available through the ADMIN domain using this account.

The ADMIN username and password grant access to:

myWPI Account

The myWPI account gives students, faculty and staff access to myWPI, WPI's learning and information portal. This account is automatically created 24 hours after a UNIX account is established. First time users must be sure to activate the myWPI account and may not be able to gain access until just before classes begin.

The myWPI login and password grants access to:

Visit the CCC Helpdesk page on WPI Computer Accounts for more information.

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