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Creating Student Groups in myWPI

February 17, 2006

WPI is well known for its project-based curriculum. In addition to the major projects: the IQP, the MQP and the Sufficiency, many courses also implement group projects that are completed at the end of the term. If you are currently teaching with or considering the implementation of group projects, a space can be created in your myWPI site for each of your student project groups. The Group Pages feature in myWPI allows each group to have their own Discussion Board, Collaboration (chat) area, File Sharing area and an e-mail list. The Groups feature is flexible so that individual features can be turned off by the Instructor or TA. For example, if you only want groups to use the File Sharing and the e-mail list the Collaboration and Discussion board can be disabled. Only the group members, Instructors and TA's can access a group area.

If you are interested in creating group areas in myWPI, more information is available from the myWPI How-To Center:

If you are looking for more ideas or still thinking about implementing a group project in a future course offering, the Idea Center topic on Promoting Student Collaboration is a good place to start. If you would prefer to discuss your particular course in person, please contact us at with your availability to set up an appointment.

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