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Using Your Laptop on the WPI Network

September 13, 2006

You can use your laptop on the WPI network with a wired or wireless connection. Complete instructions are available online at the links below.

Wired Connections in Office & Labs

Faculty on any WPI campus requiring a network connection for a permanent (non portable) computer will need to register the computer for the building in which it resides, request a network outlet activation, and submit an account number to Network Operations for the activation fee.
Read the Network Operations Guide...

Wireless Connections

Where is wireless connectivity available? What does my laptop need for a wireless connection?

Because the WPI's wireless network is frequently upgraded, the Network Operations Web site is the best place to find the most up-to-date answers to these and many other technical questions about WPI's wireless network.

How do I register?

Faculty who wish to use laptops or portable devices on the Wireless Network need to register separately for this service. There is no fee for wireless registration. It is recommended, however, that all devices maintain a registration for wired access to the network, if possible, in addition to a wireless registration, since the wireless network is provided for convenience only and will never have the same speed, availability, or reliability as a wired connection.

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