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September 13, 2006

Citation Nightmare?!

Show good practice by including accurate & complete citations on your syllabi. Especially if you expect your students to locate readings or optional items themselves. RefWorks: Online Personal Database and Bibliography Creator will help you & your students create a database of references and output the references to many different formats (APA, IEEE, ASME, MLA, etc.).

Topic infoGlut? Not!

Asking all of your students to all research the same topic? Students experience frustration if all library research materials on a topic are checked out. Be sure to check the topic yourself using the library's Databases & Electronic Resources to assure enough sources (print and online books, e-journals etc.) are available to them. If you are sending an entire class of students to look at one source, ask us to put it on two-hour reserve or if we can purchase an online version, if available. Perhaps you could even link to the item within your myWPI course site. See our Creating Linked e-Readings guide for tips on creating links to online articles and ebooks or even to customized searches in library databases.

Share Your Research Assignment with a Librarian

We can give advice on resources available or possibly order sources to fill gaps. Another side benefit is, if you let us know what you're up to, is that we can create a custom made online research guide (see our course-related resource guides). Email or call Christine Drew x6163 or to get one tailored to your specific research assignment.

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