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Removing Animation from PowerPoint Slides

February 6, 2006

Using animation in PowerPoint can often add a touch of flair, but when it's overused, it can quickly become a distraction for your audience. If you have slides that you would like to remove animation from, such as slides from a textbook publisher, or older slides created with a PowerPoint animation scheme, the steps below will help you to remove the animation.

Note: If you think you will need the animated version of your presentation at a future time, save a backup copy of the slides before removing the animation. For example, you could create a backup copy of lecture1slides.ppt and call it lecture1slides-animated.ppt.

To remove animation created by Animation Schemes from all slides:

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation you wish to remove the animation from.
  2. Go to Slide Show > Animation Schemes and click on No Animation to select it, then click the Apply to All Slides button at the bottom of the list. This removes all animation schemes.

Removing Custom Animations

Depending on how the animation in your file was created, you may still have Custom Animations in your presentation. If you are in the Normal view, these slides have a small star icon under the slide number. To get to the Normal view, go to View > Normal from the toolbar.

If you have any slides with custom animations, click on the slide thumbnail to select it. Then go to Slide Show > Custom Animation. A list appears with all of the animations in the slide. You can click on each one individually and then click the Remove button, or click on the first one, then hold down the Shift key and click the last one to select the entire list before removing.

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