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Improving Student Understanding by Annotating Images, Photos, or Graphics

December 6, 2006

Including visuals and graphics in your course materials can help visual learners understand your concepts and improve the look of your documents, websites, or PowerPoint slides.

Using SnagIt 8, you can improve your visuals even further by using the built-in tools to annotate your images. Annotating images or graphics helps your students by focusing on what is the most important aspect of a visual. For example, a photograph of a piece of machinery could be annotated to highlight a specific part or subsystem. The SnagIt annotation tools are easy to use, and can be used on images captured from SnagIt, or existing images or digital photos.

A new Collaboratory topic has been added on Annotating Images with SnagIT 8 to give you an example of the annotation process from the initial screen capture to the finished product.